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Peugeot 604 tips


Peugeot 604 tips I bought a Peugeot 604 from an ad on the Internet, saw a photo and realized that no one else has such a car. I really like the interior, spacious, leather, after all, luxury class. The car is very comfortable to drive, the suspension is soft, richly equipped, very responsive and easy ….  Read More

Citroen C5 Reviews


Very smooth. more It seemed to me rather weak insulation from the wheels (although the engine is not audible). We sold it with great pleasure. (Strongly frightened of course, we decided not to tempt fate). One of the examples: somehow an extraneous sound (rattle) appeared under the floor at certain speeds – they searched for ….  Read More

Reviews about Chery Oriental Son…


Of course, my 25-year-old driving experience of a person spoiled by the Soviet car industry (episodes of driving foreign cars of this class do not count), let’s say, is not entirely suitable for a professional, quick assessment of this car – however, the subjective opinion is very positive. In terms of technical parameters and in ….  Read More